We are River Church! Our Kingdom Pursuit is...

  • Promoting the ongoing revelation of who we ARE, what we HAVE, and what we can DO in Jesus.
  • Hosting a move of God in Alabama by discovering in every gathering what Holy Ghost is revealing.
  • Sharing the abundant life of Jesus with everyone we encounter: the new birth, baptism in the Holy Ghost, and the blessing of God.
  • Bringing a healing presence to Tuscaloosa by personal ministry and teaching the Word of God.
  • Using our authority in Christ to affect our nation, state and, county for peace, righteousness and safety as we pray and decree by the Word and Spirit of God.
  • Loving and Worshipping God together and with all of our hearts.

We Welcome You to River Church

We are shaking the foundations of Tuscaloosa for revival by the uncompromised Word of God and the power of the Holy Ghost. We are in continual pursuit of the Presence and Goodness of God. We are equipping Christians to become strong in the Lord, taking the good news of the extravagant love of Jesus into our city and releasing God’s amazing healing power throughout Alabama.

There has never been a time in history in which it was more important to become connected to the right church. These are the days where being personally strong can become a matter of life or death, happiness or disappointment, a bright future or having fearful, uncertain days. A confident, Bible-teaching and Holy Ghost moving church is a refuge in stormy times and an anchor of stability in a rocky world. An affirming church family is important for each member’s total health: spirit, soul and body.