The Good News is...The Bad News was Wrong!

A Testimony is a message that says, God wants to do what He did…. again! Some of the typical reports on what God is doing at River Church are listed below. If God would do it for these folks, He could do something great for you too!  Everything is turning out Amazing…. in Jesus!

Our Father wants to surprise everyone with His goodness. If you have a prayer request for our Prayer Team or you have a life-event to shout about, use our online request form so that we can release His Presence into that situation according to the Word of God. We’ll agree with you and pray the prayer that God already wants to answer. To share your praise report or request prayer click here.

Praise Reports

Arthritic Lump Disappears… My wife and I were visiting my sister Joyce.She showed us that along the inside of her right hand was a large, swollen and painful lump. She told us that her doctor had diagnosed it as rheumatoid arthritis. Later, we left to go home and suddenly realized that we had totally forgotten to pray for her hand. Although it was already late, we turned around and came back. After we prayed for her, I asked my sister what was now going on with her hand. She said only that it was tingling and felt warm. The next day we received a photo of her hand from her and the lump was completely gone!  GC


Hearing God Speak… I was returning home from shopping with my children. We were stopped at the intersection waiting for the traffic light to turn from red. When it turned green, for some unusual reason I hesitated to go forward and then eased up a little. I then looked to my right and saw a car coming rather fast. I said to myself, I know they can see that their light is already red and so they are really going to have to make a fast stop. At that moment, I heard a voice from within me say, he’s not going to stop. These words were as loud and clear as if someone was sitting right next to me. Instantly I stopped my car in the middle of the intersection and watched as the car went sailing through the red light. Glory to God that I heard my Father’s voice because if I had not, our lives could have been changed forever.


Macular Degeneration Gone… About two years ago, my dad was diagnosed with macular degeneration. My mom and I agreed to stand against this and ordered it to leave my dad’s body. A few months ago, he had his annual eye exam and the doctor could not find any trace of this disease in his eyes. Praise God! He is sooo good! MS


My Hand is Healed… I took a stand against arthritis several years ago when my little finger started being in pain. I released my faith for it and the trouble left. Then, a few years later, my index finger would hurt and I knew that I would have to refuse it just like the other or I would have trouble that I didn’t want or deserve. Sure enough, when I did, it left for good. Then recently, just in the last few months, I noticed a traveling pain in that same hand. It would ache in different parts on different days and I also noticed a general weakness in that whole hand as well. That had never happened. I began to take authority over it but the condition seemed to persist. Last Sunday in the middle of the service, Pastor Billings had a word of knowledge about someone with pain in their hand. I knew that the Holy Spirit was helping me drive out the thief of disease that had come time and again to steal my hand health.  I received ministry right then and now, over a week later, I am still absolutely pain-free in my hand and all of my fingers. KG


Tinnitus Healed… I was in the Sunday morning service at River Church earlier this month. A word of knowledge was called out for someone with ringing in their ears. I had been bothered by this since childhood and I am now in my fifties. They spoke to the condition in my ears and suddenly the ringing was GONE! When the church office called me the next week to check on my progress, I told them that I had completely forgotten all about it. I hadn’t even thought about it since that morning when the Lord healed me because it had never returned at all. I am completely healed. Glory to Jesus! AW


Headaches are Gone… I am nineteen years old and have been having headaches for awhile. Pastor Debbie had a word of knowledge about someone that had the exact kind that I had been dealing with. She prayed for me. The headaches are now gone and have not come back. I am healed. AC


Foot Healed… I am fourteen years old and was running track in my school until the pain in my foot from the arch being out of place caused me to drop out. One Sunday at River Church, it was called out that God wanted to heal someone’s foot that had been hurting. They ministered to my right foot and the pain quit immediately and has not come back. It was amazing! 


Children Healed in River Kids… A girl complained of a sore throat in River Kids and another one showed everyone the blisters on her hands that were hurting. They were prayed for and the pain left right then.


Children Get Teacher Healed… In River Kids on Sunday morning, there was a Children’s Minister that was having back pain. The other children’s ministers interviewed him and apparently he has always had one leg shorter than the other, which often causes back problems. The Children’s Minister with back pain sat down and the children in the class laid hands on him and spoke transformation into his leg. In front of everyone it grew out to the same length as the other!


Hip Pain Disappears… I had been experiencing referred pain in my hip for years. One evening during some special time set aside to minister healing, I was led by the Holy Spirit to examine my life and make sure everything was right with the Lord. Right afterward, every time that they laid their hands on my shoulder, I suddenly felt tingling in my head. Suddenly, the constant sick feeling I was experiencing and had been having for several months just left.


Lipoma Dissolves… I had back pain caused by a lipoma located against my spine. Ms Debbie prayed for me and while she was praying, I felt the tumor shrinking inside. Later, I could feel with my fingers that it was about 80% gone. I began to thank God for the total release in my back to come. About a month later I bent over and suddenly thought to feel with my fingertips where the lipoma had been because I realized the pain had not bothered me at all for some time. I felt the place it had been and could find nothing—the tumor was completely disappeared. PG


Toothache and Headache Gone… One Sunday, I woke up with a toothache that was causing a headache. I immediately said, I’m healed, in Jesus’ Name and by His stripes, I am healed. I kept saying this. When I got to church, pastor laid hands on those who needed healing and by the end of the service, the toothache was gone. Praise to God!


Ear Pressure and Pain Gone… On a Sunday morning service when pastor called for someone with pain in their ear to come up for prayer, I almost didn’t go because I wasn’t in pain at that moment. I went up because I had been believing God for my injured ear and its hearing loss. I was tired of having to ask people to repeat themselves. My ear had a deep inner pressure on it all the time. Some sounds were so muffled that I could hear them, but not make out what was being said, while other sounds were so magnified that it hurt my ear. I couldn’t even hold the phone on that ear because it felt like something pressing on the inside of my ear. All of that is gone! When pastor prayed for me, the ear was healed while I stood there. It felt hot on the inside and that pressure just melted away. I felt it just ease away. Thank you Lord that my ear is whole again after sixteen years! DW


Eye Healed… In the Sunday morning service, Pastor and Ms Debbie prayed for my eye. It was instantly healed. Thank you Lord!


Timely Retirement… My dream was to finally stop working and be home with my family. I had been with a particular company for 21 years on the twenty second of March. In a prayer line, Ms Debbie prophesied over me that it will be easier than you ever imagined. So, I found the proper Scriptures to stand on and every day I prayed along those lines. March thirty first was my last day! God worked everything out in a supernatural way and I praise Him for it. It was so easy!


Feet Totally Healed… In the Special Meetings at the church that hosted evangelist Joe Morris, Joe called out for anyone with foot problems to receive healing. I went up and he laid his hands on me, spoke to them and I was totally healed. EB


Faith to Get to Church… Last Wednesday night I was faced with a situation at work. I had to do an amendment to a thirty-two page report. With all my regular duties, I knew what that meant: I would have to work late. I told God that I did not want to miss my church. I wanted to go so bad that I was going to tell my employer that I would come back to work after the service and then again two hours earlier the next day to get this work done. Well, a meeting negotiator came to me and told me to save it to a disk and that he would do it for me. The company agreed to that and I got to go to church and got my work done for me (which took the negotiator three hours to do). I give God all the glory for this.


Faith for Our Relatives… I have prayed for my niece and talked to her many times about the church that she attended. Now she has suddenly come out of the Jehovah Witness church to seek God in the right light. LN


Children’s Fever Broken… After hearing the message on Now Faith, I had an opportunity to put it into action. The Daycare called us Thursday and said that our daughter had a fever. I immediately began to thank God for her healing, RIGHT NOW! Within thirty minutes of picking her up, the fever broke and she went back to her school the next day.


Praying for the Holy Ghost… On Thursday, the Lord led me to share the baptism of the Holy Spirit with my next door neighbor. When I prayed for him to receive he began to shake and could not speak for the next fifteen minutes. He was amazingly changed and had such a peace and joy on his life. We were both in awe as God so plainly demonstrated His mighty power.


Burn Intervention… I was recently involved in an accident that could have had dire consequences. I screamed in pain as boiling oil poured out onto my right hand. While shaking the oil off, I ran to the sink to immerse my hand in the cool water. I began to pray in the Spirit. I should have had a second and third degree burn but my hand didn’t even blister and within a few minutes all the redness went away. Praise God!


Knee Pain Gone… A few weeks ago, pastor had a word for knee pain. I knew it was for me. He prayed for me and I received my healing. No more pain after seven years of being so careful living in a way that would cause it not to hurt. I’ve tested it out and it’s for sure that it is healed. I can do anything now.


A Double Raise at Work… The company I work for has a one per year policy regarding raises. Evaluations only occur in May and in May only. I received a raise in May. Thank God! Last week (this is December) my supervisor told me to look on my next paycheck. I was given another raise in November. No one else got a second raise, but I got my double-raise. Favor!BS


A Double times Double Raise… I was given an extra raise at my job last December. Last week, we were evaluated for our “usual” raises. When it was over, I was given the largest raise I have ever received! The raise I received last December was the double on my normal raise, but the raise last week was the double on the double. Favor! BS


Supernatural Favor at Work… Last Summer God gave me a new job. I was given a $11,000 raise and more time off. I was not supposed to receive another raise for three years. When I signed my new contract, there was an additional $5,200 added to my salary. Praise the Lord for favor!


Growing in God… I appreciate my pastors, Michael and Debbie Billings so much. They have helped me in areas that I’m still finding out. I just knew hardly anything, but that’s all changing!


A Raise and then More… My boss told me yesterday that I had a sizable raise in pay and a promotion to Senior Programmer! I had asked for a raise four months ago. I stood in faith as things went slowly. I was overjoyed to hear that there was a promotion that I had not applied for, but that God gave me more than I asked. RA


A Promotion and A Raise… I received a job promotion today with a salary increase of $6,000. The General Manager told me that this was just the beginning and that there would be more increases as my experience grows in this job.


Debt Paid Off God’s Way… My wife and I had about $850 of wedding debton a credit card and we were believing God to pay it off and exercising our faith to that end. Well, the Word is true because we received an unexpected $1,700 and were able to pay off the wedding, sow seed and still have a blessing left over. EB


A Strategy for a Raise… The Lord gave me a plan to get a raise at my job and He gave me the boldness to act on that plan. I followed through just like the Lord showed me and it turned out just like He showed me. I got the raise!EB


I’m in a Great Church… I thank God for all He has done for me! I am thankful to be a part of this church.


Burning Feet Healed… In special meetings with a guest minister, he asked to pray for anyone whose feet burn all the time. My husband was the one. He received an instant healing.


Checks in the Mail… We recently experienced a miracle that really inspired us about sowing seed. On the way to church I noticed that I had left my purse at home with all of our money in it. We did not have time to go home. Pastor taught that evening on signs and wonders happening to us right now. When the offering was about to be received in the church, my husband I knew we had no money to give. So, we began to pray. Then he felt inspired to look again in his wallet and he found a five dollar bill and so we sowed it. A few days later we suddenly needed to buy a new battery for my car. We didn’t have the cash to do it. After work I checked the mail and in it was an unexpected check from our insurance company. It was enough to pay for the battery with money left over. Praise God.


TMJ Gone… I had TMJ. The pain had been so bad that the entire right side of my face would go numb. During a recent service, pastor had a word for people with jaw pain to come forward and so I did. I received healing for this condition. I had been struggling with TMJ for several months and had been on muscle relaxers to get relief. Since that evening, I have not had a recurrence of any kind. MS


Healed by Hearing the Word… As soon as pastor would finish the weekly teaching on Believer Authority, I would call my mother in another state and tell her what I had learned, especially the part about jurisdiction over our own bodies in the earth. Well, I shared so much with my mother about who we are in Christ that she has since been healed of high blood pressure and arthritis! We want to give thanks to God that His word is true and reaches across all borders.


Knot Disappears… A large knot came up on my knee in December. I commanded it to leave and then my pastors prayed with me and agreed with me that it would go. It began to slowly disappear. Now, in March it is almost completely gone. Some people have to go to a doctor for the particular thing that had happened to me but Jesus absolutely took care of it for me. MS


Legal Entanglement… Pastor Billings had a word of knowledge about a legal entanglement being unraveled and dissolved. I had not discussed it with him at all, but I had that exact entanglement in my life by being sued over a bad financial issue from my past. Right away, the matter was immediately resolved in my favor. I didn’t even have to show up. BS


Neck Healed… My neck was healed when hands were laid on me at church. I felt tingling in my body at first, but later I realized that there was still a small amount of pain. I simply refused to take anything less than the total release of this trouble from my body and I told it to go, in Jesus’ name! The pain left and I am totally healed in my neck. PG


Fast Recovery from Injury… I got an injury playing in a high school football game. The doctor said that this injury would take me off the field for three to four weeks. I needed to be in these last games for my team. So I got prayer at church in order to get the medical prediction of the doctor changed. It worked. I had supernatural recovery! I was back playing football in one week! MD


The Lord is in the Details… A word was spoken over me by an evangelist, the blockage is removed; the corridor is wide open for the blessings to flow.In just two days something happened that I had been believing about for the last two years. A book contract came through for me and it means that I will be published, which is something that is necessary for my career to go forward! God is so good! MS


Checks in the Mail… This church has encouraged us to not be limited by the pattern of the ordinary and reasonable, but to expect God to do the unusual for His glory. Well, last Saturday we received an extra check that just naturally we should not have had come to us. I just want to give thanks to the Lord because that’s who sent it.


Amazing Favor and Trust… I recently did work for a woman whose husband had died. As a result of her new and single situation, she occasionally took out her stress on me. As time moved on, I began having more and more favor with the woman. On the last day that I worked for her, she gave me over $300 worth of new tools and a blank check. She said, I trust you, Eric, so put whatever you want on the check. Thank God for favor. EB


Instant Healings… Since I have been coming to this church, I have been blessed to have experienced an instant healing in my body at two different times. The first healing took place during a work period at the church. I had been doing some painting in a certain room and was speaking to the pastor who was working in a different room. During our conversation, the pain that had been bothering me a great deal in my right elbow and forearm for quite some time just instantly quit! The pain suddenly left and never returned. On another occasion, I was sitting on the front row of the church during a service and a sharp pain that I had been often having in my body just instantly left. Praise God for the healing Presence in this church to release what we need into us. LN


Winning the Mind-Battle… Some time ago, a pain came to me in my back that felt just like a kidney infection. Two months before that I did have a kidney infection and I took some left-over antibiotics that I had at home. I didn’t think that I had enough medicine at home to get rid of it and sure enough, the pain soon came back. I really wanted to get this healing with my faith and so I set myself to walk it out. But my mind started coming up with all the reasons I shouldn’t believe God’s Word for my healing. It was quite a scary list! Even though all these things were going on in my head, I kept putting the Word of God into my life by meditating and confessing on what Jesus had done for me. I kept praising and thanking God for my healing and health. I had made up my mind that no matter what, it was settled that I was already healed. After only the second day the pain completely left and it was over. God is so good! AC


Fibrocystic Mass Disappears… I felt a mass in my left breast. I told my body to line up to the order in which it was created. My body was not created with a fibrocystic breast mass and I was not going to allow it now. I am a nurse and I knew my genetic history and previous lab results, but I made up my mind to trust God and His Word with this issue of health. What was ironic in all of this is that I had just recently cancelled a cancer policy that I had been paying on for fifteen years. I had done it because I have learned in this time of my life that my source is not my paycheck, people around me or a cancer policy. My source is God. I continued to attend church faithfully and keep my faith built up. During some particular services with a guest minister at our church, I received prayer when it was offered. I received an awesome word about my future from the Lord through this minister and I rested in in the Lord. That afternoon, I suddenly thought about the prayer that had been prayed for me, so I checked my breast. The mass was gone—completely gone. Praise God, His Word is alive and living in me.


Suddenlies All Over Me… I sowed a seed in faith during a midweek service into the special offering being received by the church. I sowed expecting that seed to open the door to the uncommon and the rare becoming the norm in my life this year. After acting upon the Word that was taught to us in the service, that which was once rare and uncommon has become the norm in my life. I received a letter in the mail on Friday from a businessman stating that the Lord had instructed him Wednesday night just as he laid down in bed to plant a financial seed into my life. Following the Lord’s direction, he mailed a letter the next day with a large check enclosed in it. Praise God! I had barely enough time to get my seed in the ground before the Lord instructed him to give unto me. No longer is there a waiting in my life for the harvest to manifest. The harvest of my seed sown one day manifested itself in an optimum yield immediately! Not only did this bless me, but I learned when I spoke with the gentleman on Saturday that he had received a $3,000 increase the day after he sowed into my life from a source where the situation with them was leaning as though it would end up negatively, costing him several thousand dollars. Not only did he not have to pay, but he received and he received immediately. This is the day of the suddenlies. This is already the best day of my life.