We would like to Pray with you and hear your Praise Report!

Send a message to the staff at River Church here. River Church wants to help you pray the prayer God has already said yes to. Let us know what your general situation is and we will lift you up by name to Heaven. God will always respond by His Word or by His Spirit about the next step. But, He is not magic. He is a Heavenly Father, and wants everyone to know that there is always a way to win. His response is our next step toward receiving the victory. Always.


If you have a praise report, we would very much like to hear it. Testimonies say many things, but firstly, that God wants to do what He did for YOU, for MANY .... again, and again and more and more. We want to publish the Goodness of God everywhere so all will know.


The Kingdom Key: Communicate, Talk it out, Shout it out, Defend your place. We want to be the ear that hears what MUST be said and the tongue that tells what MUST be told. God Bless You!